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How do we work

Every customer wants to get what they ordered exectly and whole sourcing, manufacturing and shipping are smooth. we'll be here to help you

Understand your requirement
submit inquiry tell us the product that you want, better to provide more information about the product you need, like photos, price range, alibaba/Amazon link, this can make our sourcing more easier and efficient. Any ideas on the packing can be advised too.
Collect prices from suppliers
We put all customer details in our own Inquiry form then check with our supply Chain and other new suppliers. During our communication with suppliers, we will choose the suitable one and quote their prices to our customers.

1: Is the supplier legal

2: If they are professional

3: How long will they quote price

4: If their price is competitive

5: If they are cooperative and help us fix issues

So for each customer, we will help customers select suppliers rather than always choosing the cheapest one without any selection.
Send quotation to customer
It takes 1-2 days to send you the quotation. After you got it, u can order samples after all details is figured out and price is good.
Order samples
we will help you order samples from our suppliers and your suppliers(if you have) and ship to you together to save the international shipping cost no matter the sample is already existing or customized or molded.
Checking samples
After you got the samples, you can let your agent know if all is good or if you still want to change. U can order the packing box or accessories and card or instruction during the sample stage, in this way, u can check together.
Place bulk
When we move to bulk production, we will confirm the size/material/logo and so on are the same as the samples. Besides this, we will still ask them to make one set of a sample(called pre-production sample) to send to customers for the final confirmation before the final bulk production, to make sure there is no surprise.
Do the quality inspection
After the goods arrive at our warehouse, we will do the quality inspection based on the customer's specific requirements. If there are any quality issues or anything not right, we will negotiate with suppliers and fix and then do another inspection to make sure all is good quality, Anyway, we will fix problems before the goods leave China.
Arrange to ship
Based on each customer's order, we will check with our cooperated shipping forwarders accordingly, such as courier, sea shipping, air shipping, railway shipping, and fast sea shipping. Will also do the customs clearance and local tax and related certificates. Will provide the tracking number for the customer's tracking after we got the update from the forwarder.

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4 easy steps

To help you import from China

step 01

Share Product info

submit inquiry by telling us ur requirement. Then you'll be assigned one agent to help you.

step 02

Review quotes

Your agent will check with suppliers and quote the prices in 1-2 working days. And help you order the sample no matter it is normal or customized or molded for sample quality inspection.

step 03

Check sample & Place order

After the sample is good, the agent will double-check with you before moving forward with bulk production. Your agent will follow bulk production, ensure bulk is done correctly.

step 01

Got goods

We help you collect bulk in our warehouse, inspect quality, and arrange courier/sea/air shipping to any address of your country.

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