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Dropshipping Explained

How Does Dropshipping work

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Why Should I Choose
Drop Shipping

Easy to start

You can start up your own shop.

Low cost

You don’t need to keep any inventory because your Chinese supplier will directly deliver the product to the customer who places an order on your website.

Low risk

Testing the marketability for any given product can be relatively cheap. You can scale and buy inventory once you found a real winner. When playing your cards right, overhead should be a non-issue.

Customer retention possibilities

It’s possible to structure your business in a way that has customers buying from your store every single month. If you’re constantly testing all your products and rotating the winners throughout the seasons, you can find a way to stay profitable every month throughout the entire year.

Enable expansion into new markets

Sometimes getting products across international borders can be challenging, not to mention costly. But if you do your research and partner This permits you to test the market and validate if a given product is worth importing.

Virtually unlimited inventory

One of the main reasons the dropshipping industry exists is to help retailers and suppliers combat inventory distortion: the problem of over-stock clearances and out-of-stock shelves. Theoretically, by tapping into inventory further up the supply chain, you can get access to virtually unlimited inventory.

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Why I should use a dropshipping Company?

Competitive price
than Aliexpress

Provide more competitive prices than Ailexpress to better grow your business.

Brand service

Make your products stand out from others dropshipper with your private label and customized package or thank you cards or LOGO printing.

Fast shipping

We have different shipping options for each country. Special line, Yun Express, DHL, Epacket, 360 lion, China post, CNE, etc.

Free Stock

We keep a FREE warehouse for all customers to minimize their costs.

Free quality control

With every order come into our warehouse. Our QC will use Acceptance Quality Limit to inspect all products to ensure all products are qualified.

Tracking your order

Have an idea of where are your orders.

App support

We can process tons of orders rapidly and precisely since our ERP will be connected to Your store.

Reliable -sale service

We provide you with exclusive one-to-one services, and will timely solve any shipping delay or quality issue.

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How to work with us

Contact us
Contact us, telling us what kind of products you want, and the requirements for customization."
Agent contact you
A professional agent will contact you, help you find the best manufacturer, get the most competitive prices, and offer the most economical and stable logistics solution.
Pay for the cost
You pay for the cost of mass production.The agent follows up on the production, and arrange to storage all products in our warehouse.
We will deliver it to them.
You prepay some shipping fee. Then once your customers place order on your store, we will deliver it to them.

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Shipping chanle available

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products to sell?

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