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By paying service fee, you can enjoy all following services .


By paying service fee, you can enjoy all following services .

$500 $50
$1000 $100

By paying service fee, you can enjoy all following services .


Starting from
All these services will be quoted by each inquiry

Get quotes from our supply Chain

There are more than 1000 suppliers of different product categories in our supplier chain. So we will check with our suppliers after we got your inquiry.

Get quotes from other new suppliers

We are also willing to help you check prices from other new suppliers or your own suppliers.

Consult on products ideas

For some small or start-up companies, they do not have ideas of what to sell, then we are willing to send u some recommendations based on recent inquiries we got from kinds of customers.

Arrange customized samples

We'll help you collect samples from different suppliers (could be your own suppliers), check the quality, and ship together to save a lot of shipping fee for you. We can also help you customize samples with your logos, styles, or using your own mold.

Consult on certificates, import tax,
and shipping cost

We offer free consulting if you don’t know what kind of certificate or how much tariff you need to pay to import the product you choose, or if you don’t know how much freight you need when you calculate your cost, etc.


88% of clients start with this

With our free services,you will enojy all the below services. You only need to submit inquiry, telling us what products you want or how we can help you. Then we will assign an agent to help you.

Pro plane

99% of clients choose this

With our Pro-Plan, u will enjoy one-stop service, from gathering prices to manage the shipping with only a 5% service fee no matter the suppliers are from our supply chain or your own suppliers.

Place orders &Follow-up production

No matter you decide to use our supply chain or your own suppliers, we are all willing to help you place the orders and follow up production. Sourcing suppliers is pretty easy and won't take long, but follow-up bulk production may take weeks to months. With our pro-plan, we'll help you coordinate with factories all the time, making sure customers get what they ordered finally. This is the most important point during the whole importing.

Customzie products& box/card/label

Every customer wants to have their own brand/design, so please feel free to let us know your design or idea no matter it is for products or packing. We’re gonna make your dream comes true.

Free product photography for e-commerce

We will keep them free for you for 5 pics with white background, thus you can upload them to Amazon or other E-commerce platforms directly. You just need to let us know what kind of pictures do you want. If u want Lifestyle photography, you can refer to our Extra service

Free general quality inspection

We will follow 2.5 AQL to help you do the quality inspection. For example, if your order quantity is 1500PCS, the sampling plan, we will pick 125PCS from the whole bulk. Shipment will be accepted if we found 7 or fewer defective products. If we get 8 or more than 8 defective products, this shipment will be failed (rejected).

Free warehouse

Our warehouse in China can be months free of use. You can take time to send more products to us, and we help you collect all products, consolidate them into one shipment for saving your cost.

Arrange delivery to door via Express (DHL/FedEx/USPS/UPS), Air shipping, Fast sea shipping, railway shipping, and normal sea shipping

We help you get a very competitive shipping price for most shipping methods, no matter it's courier, sea freight, air freight, or train. We can help ship your products all the way to your address, Amazon warehouses, or 3rd party fulfillment centers, and handle importing and custom processes.

Fixed Plane

Desgined for small customers

This service is designed especially for start-up or small companies who are not able to afford large quantities. By paying the fixed service fee. You can enjoy the same service as our pro-plan.

If your order amount is 0-$500, then our
service fee is only $50.

If your order amount is $500-$1000, then
our service fee is only $100.


Quoted case by case

One by One inspection.

Our workers can help you inspect every single product according to your requirement, and we only charge $3/hour. By using this service, we help you reduce the defect rate to 0, which means you won’t get any bad reviews from customers. Strongly recommend Amazon sellers and High-end E-commerce sellers.

Factory Audit

Some customers would prefer to use their suppliers but worry about the authenticity of the factory. In this way, we can help you travel to the factory to audit the factory. Cost can be checked after we figure out how far the supplier is from us.

Logo/Box/ Card/Label design

We have been working with some graphic designers and have long-term working relationships with them. It’s cheaper and more efficient than finding a designer at Fiverr or Upwork."

Lifestyle Photography

If you want to make lifestyle photos on your website or Amazon or other E-commerce platforms, you just let your agent know the pics that you prefer or you can find some great pics for our reference, in this way, our photographer will exactly know how to help you. The cost will be quoted by your agent after all the requirements are figured out.

Video shooting

If you want to shoot a video on your website or Amazon or other E-commerce platforms, you just let your agent know the video that you prefer or you can find some great videos for our reference, in this way, our video maker will exactly know how to help you. The cost will be quoted by your agent after all the requirements are figured out.

Other specific requirements

For other demands, feel free to discuss with your agent, they will help you check and offer solutions and costs to you.

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